• A large bore for machining large workpieces
  • New kind of base jaw profile, large guide lengths for internal and external clamping
  • Jaw guides have all-round ground profiles:  Very limited loss of lubricant, no undercuts and cracks
  • Better effectiveness due to multiple jaw guides and shortened jaw overhang
  • Integrated lubricant reserve with improved forced circulation
  • Zero-play wedge hook mechanism for maximum clamping force and repeat precision
  • Centrifugal compensation for very high speeds (QLC version)
  • Selected material pairings: All force transferring parts are hardened
  • Simplified attachment, shafts are mounted flush in the chuck
  • Axial stroke limitation in the chuck, excess travel of the clamping cylinder does not interfere
  • Base jaw connections are available in accordance with European and US standards
  • Quick change jaws are available as an option (MIR, ZMIR)
3QLC-KS data sheet (3 MB)
General catalog Forkardt (3,68 MB)
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