Instandsetzung von
Spannfutter aller Fabrikate.

We offer all services for all makes of chuck and manufacturers.


Assembly and commissioning
Functional test
Training of your staff
You benefit from our professional support even at the installation stage.


Our services:

  • Inspection of your clamping equipment
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Identification of the measures which are required
  • Repairing of your clamping equipment on site
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Dynamic clamping force measurement


  • Cleaning – Disassembly of the chuck and the cleaning of all components
  • Checking the functional aspects – Testing the functional aspects. Replacing the damaged parts with original parts.
  • Assembly and technical testing – Installation of serviced chuck including testing (concentric runout and axial runout, dynamic clamping force).
  • Spare parts and consumables service – Procurement and installation of all spare parts
We have the right solution for your problem. Talk to us.
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