Clamping inserts



Today, the KonGRIP clamping claw is often used in small scale and large scale serial production and has also proven itself in everyday use.

The roller-shaped body allows movement that is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the workpiece. The eccentrically offset fastening screw and the fit is selected in such a way that the KonGRIP clamping claw always sets itself during the closing of the chuck with the clamping teeth pointing towards the surface of the workpiece.

The truncated cone shape and extremely tough material allow for high loads. The KonGRIP clamping claw is quickly and easily exchangeable following wear and tear of the teeth.

Soft top jaws can be used for the short-term production of claw jaws. These are made quickly with the desired clamping diameter.

Congrip (374 KB)
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