Scroll chucks 2, 3, 4 and 6 jaws



Scroll chucks (as a steel model or as a cast model) are supplied by Forkardt based on 2 different working systems. Uptake in accordance with DIN 6350 or short taper uptake in accordance with DIN 55026, 55027, 55029.

1. Centrally adjustable jaws (centrically clamping)

Cushman system 
Via a pinion gear and scrolls, it is possible to adjust the jaw without continuous displacement over the entire clamping range.

2. Jaws, centrally and individually adjustable

Wescott system 
The jaws can be centrally adjusted via the pinion gear, as well as individually via adjustable spindles that are mounted between the base and reversible jaws

Scroll chucks (3,8 MB)
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